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About Us


Our mission is to identify, develop, manufacture and bring to the market high quality generic and OTC niche products at a competitive and affordable price to benefit patients and our clients, along with pharmaceutical and nutraceutical consumers on a global scale.


Victor Abraham  – Chief Executive Officer

Victor Abraham is a founding partner/co-owner and Chief Executive Officer of Vinkem Pharma, LLC. Victor has a Master’s in Organic Chemistry and over 20 years of distinguished experience in the pharmaceutical industry. Prior to establishing Vinkem Pharma, Victor rose up the ranks to Senior Director of Quality Management at Eon Labs, Senior Director of Quality Control at Sandoz and Senior Director of Analytical Research & Development at Epic Pharma. His vision of building an innovative pharmaceutical company based upon quality and integrity has guided every chapter of the Vinkem story.

Nkem Chukwumezie, PhD– President & Chief Operating Officer (COO)

Nkem Chukwumezie, has a Pharmacist degree from Belgium, two Masters degrees from Belgium and the USA and a PhD. degree from the USA. She speaks various languages including, English, Igbo and Dutch/Flemish very fluently as well as some German and French. She has strong technical and interpersonal skills, and several years of experience and success stories in the R&D and GMP processes in pharmaceutical and biotechnological industries that include Shire Laboratories, Alpharma, Biovail Technologies, Endo Pharmaceuticals and Epic Pharma. Her passion for the generic drug manufacturing correlates with her passion for making life essentials cheap and available to the poor and the needy. She is very creative and has good personnel and time management skills, as well as good leadership skills. She is a good counselor, problem solver and a solid leader.  Her goal is always to excel in any assigned responsibility, and to always contribute significantly to the quality and growth of any of her affiliated institutions in both technical/hands-on and supervisory roles. This is her dream for the Vinkem Pharma, LLC that she is the President and co-founder/co-owner, as well as its affiliated HealthLife of USA Pharma, LLC. This will be her endeavor for any of her future affiliates/institutions/organizations.


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VINKEM PHARMA has excellent team, capable of developing both immediate release and modified release tablets and capsules, bio-equivalent to brand products. Vinkem also has experienced personnel to manage regulatory affairs, biostudy and bioanalytical needs including IVIVC.

Immediate Release Oral Solid Dosage – Immediate release Powders, Tablets & Capsules formulations utilizing wet granulation, dry granulation and sub-lingual technologies.

Modified Release Oral Solid Dosage – Delayed Release (DR) and Extended release (ER), Sustained Release (SR) Tablets & Capsules utilizing matrix, multi-particulates etc. technologies.

Oral Solutions and Oral Suspensions – Finished product oral solutions and oral suspensions, powders and granules for reconstitution.


Research & Development

  • Formulation development
  • Analytical Method Development
  • Analytical Method Validation
  • Pilot scale-up
  • Process validation

Consultancy Services

  • Formulation development & Manufacturing
  • Quality assurance/Quality control
  • Raw Material testing
  • Finished product testing
  • Stability testing

Contract Manufacturing/Marketing

  • Adequate Capacity
  • Cost Effective Production
  • Special Orders
  • Ready to ship Inventory
  • On-time Delivery & Logistics

Regulatory Affairs &
Bioanalytical Services

  • eCTD/CTD filing
  • Clinical Trial Support (PK, BA-BE, DDI, DE, SS)
  • Clinical Trial Protocol Design/Study report (FDA, EU, TPD, ICH, Client specific)
  • Bioanalytical Method Development